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Working with Emma the last 6 months has taught me so much, boosted my confidence and strength greatly. I have reached my goal of losing body fat I gained from lockdown alongside working in an office the past 2 years, and I can honestly say without Emma‘s input and guidance I would have given up at the first hurdle like I had done many times pre coach. Emma has been incredibly supportive, she always listens, is happy to negotiate with me if i'm not happy or things aren’t working for me. She has provided me with all the tools and knowledge to help me reach my initial goals and is always happy to explain and demonstrate. Emma is a personal trainer near me in Edinburgh. I am looking forward to the next phase of our journey and I am grateful to have found a great coach as well as friend in Emma.
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I’ve always struggled to stick to a routine, knowing exactly what to eat and what to do in the gym. I started with Emma so that I can change to a healthier lifestyle but still enjoy it socially etc as I’m only 21 Emma is so good at working round my calendar and I already feel a lot healthier in general and I’m growing in confidence in the gym. Excited for what’s still to come.
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I highly recommend Emma as a online coach. From the moment I started my coaching sessions with her, I knew I had made the right choice. Emma's extensive knowledge and expertise in fitness were evident as she tailored the sessions to meet my unique needs and goals. What sets Emma apart is her unwavering support and motivation. She has a genuine passion for helping others succeed, and her dedication shines through in every conversation. Emma always made sure I felt comfortable and listened attentively to my concerns, providing valuable insights and guidance. She helped me break through mental barriers and develop practical strategies to overcome obstacles. Emma's coaching style, combining empathy, encouragement, and accountability, is highly effective. I 100% recommend Emma as an online coach. Thank you, Emma, for the incredible support and guidance you've provided. You've made a positive impact on my fitness journey, and I'm grateful to have worked with you.
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Emma’s actions shows how much she care for her clients. She has supported me and helped keep me motivated even when I’m struggling. Emma’s workouts are enjoyable and I look forward to my 1-2-1 Personal trainer session every week. I love the confidence Emma gives me during these sessions. Emma does not only plan and support my physical well-being but has also helped support me mentally. She is always there to remind me of my own well-being when I’m pouring all my hours into work and not looking after for myself.
I cannot thank Emma enough for her constant support❤️

Emma COrnet

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Emma is an amazing personal trainer near me who is always there to support you. She spends a lot of time making sure you’re getting the best out of your programme and is very quick in getting back to you with great advice. Emma is very understanding and you can speak to her about anything fitness or not. Having done in person personal trainer coaching and online coaching I would highly recommend both!🤍

Emma Ingram